The consortium of VERSATILE project is fully aware of the main technological enablers that allow the reconfiguration of robotic cells based on their experience in developing applications for different industrial sectors. In this direction the project has highlighted and will focus on strengthen the latest developments through the following objectives:

Objective 1. Technology transfer & validation in automotive, aerospace and consumer goods sectors.

Objective 2. Perception for Operation in Semi-structured Environment.

Objective 3. Automatic programming tools for highly reconfigurable robot tasks.

Objective 4. Mobile Dual arm robots advanced manipulation capabilities.

Objective 5. Synchronization and control framework.

Direct Benefits for OEMs – End Users are expected, those are listed below:

  • Automation of the manual production process, leading to reduction of non-operator friendly tasks;
  • Robustness in performance and increased reliability/availability of the production systems, thanks to the mobility of resources;
  • Higher product quality thanks to the exploitation of the robot accuracy and the assignment of non-value adding activities to robots;
  • Multiple products assembly on the same system and handling different types of products;
  • Adaptability to varying environments and constraints by advanced vision and sensing systems that are optimized for mobile applications (navigation as well as process sensing);
  • Enhanced production monitoring through the novel logging capabilities of the latest ICT enablers;
  • Reduced systems cost the enabled by the open control and synchronization architecture.