Project Structure

A work plan for VERSATILE management has been developed. It is divided in 8 work packages, clustered in Requirements and Specifications identification, VERSATILE proposed technologies investigation and upgrade - prototypes, Pilot cases design and execution, Performance assessment activities, Dissemination and Exploitation and Project Management.

The project starts with the critical Phase 1 of identifying the requirements and specifications tracked by end users in order to continue with the pilot cases execution activities. In Phase 2, the partners propose the technologies and pilot cases design and in the Phase 3, VERSATILE turn around the pilot cases execution.

Detail WP description and the partners involved can be found in the next links:

WP1: Use case definition, specification and KPIs [Leader: PSA, TECNALIA, AIRBUS, BIC, COMAU, DGH, INTERMODALICS, LMS and UM-LIRMM].

WP2: Adaptation of robotics solutions for semi structured environments [Leader: COMAU, TECNALIA, DGH, INTERMODALICS, LMS and UM-LIRMM].

WP3: Automotive Assembly Pilot [Leader: PSA, TECNALIA, DGH and UM-LIRMM].

WP4: Aerospace Pilot [Leader: AIRBUS, TECNALIA, DGH and UM-LIRMM].

WP5: Application in Consumer Goods Industry [Leader: BIC, COMAU and LMS].

WP6: Performance Assessment [Leader: LMS, TECNALIA, AIRBUS, BIC, COMAU, DGH, INTERMODALICS and PSA].

WP7: Exploitation / Dissemination [Leader: INTERMODALICS, PSA, TECNALIA, AIRBUS, BIC, COMAU, DGH, LMS and UM-LIRMM].

WP8: Project Management [Leader: TECNALIA]

WP9: Ethics requirements [Leader: TECNALIA]