WP1: Use case definition, specification and KPIs


This work package will allow focused scientific-industry-business discussion between the business cases and the generic design, which will be developed iteratively throughout the project. The method of work is based on combination of the deductive (SoA analysis and implementation) and the inductive approaches (harmonized and generalized business case goals and requirements, facts gathered from prior similar cases and solutions; later in the project – feedback and factual data from design, implementation and trials of the business case demonstrators).The work package objectives are:

  • A comprehensive description of the targeted use-cases from the end-users (BIC, PSA AIRBUS)
  • Extract user requirements and evaluation criteria in terms of performance, usability and relevant KPIs
  • Define the roadmap towards achieving industrial TRL for each targeted technology
  • Have a precise description of final demonstration platforms, covering all HW and SW components and their interfaces as well as the information exchanged between them, converge on a generalization of HW and SW components with regards to industrial requirement with a purpose of commercial exploitation

Task 1.1: Pilot case scenarios and validation metrics definition [Leader: PSA]

Task 1.2: User requirements extraction and analysis [Leader: LMS]

Task 1.3: VERSATILE technologies: roadmap for achieving industrial TRL [Leader: COMAU]

Task 1.4: Design generalization of hardware and software components for commercial impact achievement [Leader: INTERMODALICS]