WP2: Adaptation of robotics solutions for semi structured environments


This work-package will focus on the following objectives:

  • Improvement and adjustment of the proposed objectives, targeting in TRL 7-8
  • Improvement and adjustment of the robotic perception technologies, capable of autonomously performing in semi-structured environment
  • Improvement of the existing automatic programming tools, by TECNALIA, involving offline programming tools and adaptation with the perception technologies
  • Improvement of planning and control strategies for dual arm robot synchronized/cooperative motions
  • Improvement and integration of synchronization and control framework, for integrating all the software developments from the partners.

Task 2.1: Robotic Perception for Operation in Semi-structured environment[Leader: COMAU]

Task 2.2: Automatic programming tools for highly reconfigurable robot tasks [Leader: TECNALIA]

Task 2.3: Mobile Dual arm robots advanced manipulation capabilities [Leader: UM-LIRMM]

Task 2.4: Synchronization and Control Framework [Leader: LMS]