WP5: Application in Consumer Goods Industry


VERSATILE envisages using highly flexible robotic based systems to address mainly material handling (feeding and packaging) for the consumer goods pilot. This would provide the flexibility to reuse resources among cells when need (e.g. when demand increases for Type A but it decreases for Type B) and increase system product mix and volume variability flexibility. Since shaver handles are delicate parts that require delicate handling cameras and potentially other sensor equipment will be used to provide continuous information for parts location an orientation. Under these circumstances, within this work package the VERSATILE developments will be customized and utilized to the reconfigurable material handling demonstrator. This work package will focus on the following concepts:

  • Set up of the VERSATILE consumer goods industry demonstrator
  • Execute and validate the VERSATILE consumer goods industry implementations

Task 5.1: Pilot case design and Preliminary Risk Assessment [Leader: COMAU]

Task 5.2: Equipment customization [Leader: LMS]

Task 5.3: Pilot case set up & deployment [Leader: COMAU]

Task 5.4: Pilot case first execution and refinement [Leader: BIC]

Task 5.5: Pilot case final execution [Leader: BIC]