WP7: Exploitation & Dissemination


The main objective of this Work Package will be to ensure that the results of the project will be properly disseminated by the partners and that the technologies produced from the research activities will be exploited by at least the automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries. In this context the partners will undertake specific dissemination actions to promote project’s results. These actions will focus on making the results of the project well known throughout the European industrial and scientific community. Therefore, effective awareness action will be identified, aiming to provide necessary information to the academic and industrial community through conferences, seminars, exhibitions and workshops with related themes. A public web portal will be designed and implemented in order to communicate VERSATILE’s objectives, activities and achievements supporting the dissemination and exploitation actions.

Task 7.1: Public web portal [Leader: TECNALIA]

Task 7.2: Dissemination activities: Roadmap and implementation [Leader: LMS]

Task 7.3: Exploitation activities: Roadmap, implementation and IPR management [Leader: INTERMODALICS]