Final Aeronautic and Consumer Goods pilots

VERSATILE Final demonstrators for BIC and Airbus have been completed and presented to the end users.

The enabling technologies in robotic perception, advance manipulation and automatic tools, autonomous navigation, and the synchronization and control framework were connected to provide flexible solutions for VERSATILE challenging pilots. Starting with BIC pilot, they were looking for an automatic solution that allowed the handling and assembly of different variants of shavers in the same automatic line. To accomplish this objective, LMS, COMAU and Intermodalics joined efforts and provided a prototype that can manage two different references. This final pilot was presented in LMS facilities in Patras.

BIC2019 pixel

Regarding Airbus pilot, they were interested in the complete automation of the floating nuts installation, that required, as in BIC pilot, the specific design of new concepts on grippers for parts manipulation.  Final pilot achieved the accuracy requited to drilling and riveting on relevant parts, being on an autonomous platform. This pilot was integrated by Tecnalia and DGH. It was presented in Tecnalia facilities in San Sebastián.

Final Airbus

It is worth mentioning the connection developed between Intermodalics with Pickit-HD 3D smart camera and COMAU PickApp, that allows COMAU robots to directly use Pickit-HD and provide a large range of robotic operations from a very friendly graphic interface. This development will be in the market in the next months.

For further details about ROI calculations for pilots based on VERSATILE results, please refer to D6.3 in the documents section.