General Assembly meeting in Patras

VERSATILE Fourth General Assembly meeting was organized by LMS in Patras and BIC in Athens, from 23 to 24 of May 2019.

Since the project is in its last year, the main focus has been given in the three demonstrators and their status. In the first day, a brief description of the final status of the developments have been made and then an extensive status presentation for the AIRBUS and PSA use cases has been made. Regarding the BIC use case, the partners have been invited to LMS premises to have an overview of other running projects as well as to see the current BIC demonstrator running.

In the second day, the consortium members have traveled to Athens to visit BIC site and they have the opportunity to see first-hand one of the largest BIC manufacturing premises as well as the R&D department labs.

VERSATILE consortium in Patras - LMS