Kitting pilot in Groupe PSA - Sochaux

VERSATILE Final demonstrator for the automotive use case was presented on November 28 (2019) in PSA plant in Sochaux.

The Groupe PSA provided a challenging pilot for kitting operation and partners from Tecnalia, DGH and Intermodalics attended to Sochaux to present the enabling technologies implemented in the MRP (Mobile Robotic Platform) developed in the project.

This demonstrator presented technologies beyond the state of the art for a flexible kitting operation in semi structured environments, and as commented by our PSA's partners: “VERSATILE is assembling different technological bricks and orchestrate their coordination to propose a solution that does not exist on the market”.

During the whole day, personal from Groupe PSA and PSA's providers attended to the Factory of the future session, were apart of VERSATILE demonstrator, PSA Sochaux plant shown two technical solutions in outdoor and indoor autonomous navigation, currently in testing at Sochaux’s plant. 

It was the last activity in VERSATILE before Final review meeting and the we are happy with the results and the knowledge generated, and we are aware of the next steps to increase TRL of the best parts on demonstrator!

Photo Sochaux

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