VERSATILE Final Review

VERSATILE Final review was presented to the project Officer and reviewers in Luxembourg on December 13th, 2019.

Project partners presented the achieved objectives and explained how VERSATILE enabling technologies were used to develop the pilots for the Automotive, Aeronautic and Consumer Goods sectors, and how those were developed following a TRL procedure (Technology Readiness Levels). Additionally, VERSATILE technologies progressed following the minimum viable product methodology, producing two exploitable results to market and four potential software solutions tested in the functional pilots’ cells, all those operating in industrial relevant environments.VERSATILE highlight the public events done to disseminate the pilots’ functionalities and the progress beyond the State of the Art (SoA) on dual arm manipulation.

The project received a great feedback from the reviewers!

VERSATILE consortium is grateful to the European Commission for supporting this Innovation Activity. The partners will continue working based on the results achieved by the project.