VERSATILE participated in the Bienal de Máquina Herramienta in Bilbao 2018!

It was one of the pilots in Tecnalia's stand (28 May to June 1)

A preliminary example of VERSATILE technologies was part of TECNALIA stand in the Bienal de Maquina Herramienta in Bilbao (28 May to June 1). Near to 1550 industrial exhibitors, 40% from Spain and 60% International, with more than 42000 visitors, mainly from the automotive (around 36%), aeronautics (around 24%) and manufacturing of machinery (around 24%) sectors.The stand attracted a large attention from the public, media and from the political sector. Brochures of VERSATILE were distributed and many companies were interested in better know our next steps.From VERSATILE, it was shown the recognition of one PSA's Steering Wheel Column using a 3D camera integrated in a dual arm robot operation. All the functionality was shown in a digital twin of Tecnalia stand.

Bienal images

Collage Tecnali aVersatile