VERSATILE PSA demonstrator integrated in DGH site

Public presentation of PSA kitting demonstrator was done in DGH on October 24 2019.

VERSATILE is in its final stage and only two months are left to finalize this challenging experience. The automotive use case was provided by PSA Group and led by PSA plant in Sochaux. VERSATILE enabling technologies in advance manipulation strategies and perception systems were applied to pick and place representative parts in the kitting area.

Technologies developed by Tecnalia, Intermodalics, LIRMM and DGH have been integrated in one pilot for PSA. The demo consisted of the robot navigating in a mockup automotive assembly shop and detecting and picking a set of automotive parts. 

DGH as system integrator of the project was in charge to test final robotic operation of VERSATILE dual-arm robot and autonomous platform (MRP) with the next features developed in the project: Advance 3D vision system to locate small, medium and large parts organized in boxes or for bin picking (DGH, Tecnalia, Pickit M-HD). Advance manipulation strategies, automatic tool changer, easy robot programming by using CAD information for manipulation, autonomous navigation with a common and flexible control framework.This demonstrator will be presented in PSA Sochaux plant the end of November.