VERSATILE PSA Technical meeting

PSA Sochaux – May 23-24

Generic perception technical meeting and PSA plant visit.

Peugeot's PSA Sochaux Plant is among the top 5 in car manufacturing in the world. This plant was created by Peugeot in 1912, initially as a truck factory, but by the 1930s it had become the company's main car manufacturing plant. Currently (2018) Sochaux production is focused on Peugeot's 308, 3008, Opel Grandland and 5008 models. In addition, the DS5  joined the Peugeots family on the Sochaux production lines.The meeting was the opportunity to do the second technical meeting for PSA pilot. The most promising 3D cameras that are being tested in WP2 were tried out during the second day.


VERSATILE developers group PSA

PSA collage technical day