Fundación TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION ( is a private, non-profit, research organisation resulting from the merger (1st January 2011) of eight research centers. TECNALIA is the leading private research and technology organization in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe, employing 1,415 people (200 Ph.D) and with an income of 102 Million € in 2013. TECNALIA is an equal opportunity employer: 57.5% men and 42.5% women employees.

PSA Peugeot Citroën is the car manufacturer of two world-famous brands, Peugeot and Citroën. The Group PSA Peugeot Citroën is in 2014 the second largest European automotive manufacturer and the 9th largest in the world measured by unit production. Present in over 160 countries, the PSA Group sells more than a fourth of its production outside Western Europe.

Airbus Group is a European industrial flagship which unites the capabilities of three market leaders: Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space, and Airbus Helicopters. Combining European heritage with global outreach, the diversity of our talent and technology drives innovation, integration and internationalization.


BIC manufacturing and R&D facilities combine in the leading center of shaving expertise within the BIC group. The partner operated its facilities in Athens and manufactures blades and shavers that are exported worldwide. The center’s mission it to maintain and to continuously develop the leading expertise in the technology, manufacturing and business of shavers.

COMAU is a global supplier of industrial automation systems for the automotive manufacturing sector and a global provider of full maintenance services. To the “automotive” Customers worldwide, COMAU offers its capacity as “System Integrator” and its complete engineering solutions, from product development to the realization of industrial process automation systems. COMAU provides also integrated services to the manufacturing plants, from assistance to the production start-up phases, up to equipment and plant full maintenance activities.


DGH is a company whose Central is located in the Technology Park at Boecillo (Valladolid) and specializes in Engineering (Robotic and Automation) and Industrial Maintenance. With a staff of over 250 people, with Work Centers of Barcelona, Madrid and Vigo and a presence in 16 provinces, it is capable of operating in Spain having already begun its international operations in Portugal and other countries.

ContainerBot project in cooperaton with the KULeuven which demonstrated the experiment of a robot for unloading randomly stacked boxes from big containers. This project lasted until May 2012 and formed also the inspiration for the name of the company being a fusion of 'Intermodal Robotics': robotics for each product type and each operational site.


Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) is oriented on research and development in cutting edge scientific and technological fields. LMS is involved in a number of research projects funded by the CEU and European industrial partners. Particular emphasis is given to the co-operation with the European industry as well as with a number of "hi-tech" firms. LMS is under the direction and technical coordination of Professor George Chryssolouris. It currently employs approximately 70 researchers organized in three different groups: Innovative Manufacturing Processes, Advanced Human-Centered Design Techniques, including Virtual Reality, and Production Systems Planning, Control and Networking.

The Université de Montpellier (UM) is a research-intensive university where education and research cover most of the Scientific and Technological fields. To prepare its students for the jobs of the future, the university is associated to 40 joint research units and one observatory, and it is divided in 7 specialized schools, that provide high-level education from Bachelor to PhD.