Airbus Group is a European industrial flagship which unites the capabilities of three market leaders: Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space, and Airbus Helicopters. Combining European heritage with global outreach, the diversity of our talent and technology drives innovation, integration and internationalization.

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As the largest aerospace and defense company in Europe, the Airbus Group is proud of its European roots and achievements. We make a vital and growing contribution to the economies of our home countries, France, Germany, Spain and the UK, and around 35,500 of our suppliers (or 65% of our total spend) are in our home markets. We also help to preserve European competitiveness on the world stage: since our foundation in 2000, we have created 15,000 new high-tech jobs in Europe alone. From 89,000 in 2000, we have raised our total workforce to more than 138,000 employees today.

AIRBUS Operations (Spain) has a workforce of around 4,000 people distributed in three sites: Getafe, Illescas and Puerto Real. It is in particular in charge of the development, design, and manufacturing of the airplane rear end and belly fairing for all AIRBUS models. The investment in R&D is essential for the future of the Company and, as such, AIRBUS is a committed partner to some of the major current European research activities, particularly in the EC Framework Horizon 2020 (Clean Sky 2 JTI) and former FP7 (Clean Sky JTI, SARISTU - level 2, large-scale integrating project …)

AIRBUS has a single Research & Technology program organization, with the mission of defining and executing the strategy and technical plan for basic research and development of new technologies that can bring relevant value to its products. At organizational level, this program, called Research & Technology (R&T), is different from the development activities of commercial AIRBUS products, so its results are oriented to the so called Technology Products (TPs) rather than to specific airplanes (A-350XWB, A-380...).

Manufacturing Engineering (ME) is the interface between product design and manufacturing, assisting in the realization of design intent into the manufacture of products. It is a community composed of a Centre of Competence deeply established at plant level. The ME Centre of competence is responsible for creating synergies across plants, sharing best practices and harmonizing ME principles, processes, methods and tools. It is responsible of the development and industrialization of new aircraft programs, being fully accountable for the manufacturing system.