BIC manufacturing and R&D facilities combine in the leading center of shaving expertise within the BIC group. The partner operated its facilities in Athens and manufactures blades and shavers that are exported worldwide. The center’s mission it to maintain and to continuously develop the leading expertise in the technology, manufacturing and business of shavers.

Role: Use case provider
Leader WP5.
Contact Persons:
Vassilis Davos
Vassilis.Davos ( a )
Nikos Skounakis (BIC)


BIC, as a specialist in the design, development and construction of automatic manufacturing cells, will be the end user of the consumer goods pilot case and will lead WP5 and more specifically, tasks T5.4 and T5.5 for the first and final execution as well as the refinement of this pilot case. Moreover, BIC will work on providing methods for the evaluation of VERSATILE application comparing to the current technologies used for the consumer goods pilot case.