DGH is a company whose Central is located in the Technology Park at Boecillo (Valladolid) and specializes in Engineering (Robotic and Automation) and Industrial Maintenance. With a staff of over 250 people, with Work Centers of Barcelona, Madrid and Vigo and a presence in 16 provinces, it is capable of operating in Spain having already begun its international operations in Portugal and other countries.

Role: Industrial advisor and Technical provider 
Contact Person: 
Enrique Gil 
egil ( a ) grupodgh.es


Since its inception in 1985, DGH has been a leader in introducing new technologies making robotic pointers projects in the largest domestic car manufacturers and has become the reference site for the groups to which they belong.

That mindset and Innovative Technology Excellence search are two of the fundamental pillars on which DGH uses to diversify their business, seeking to meet specific needs of different industrial sectors (Automotion, aeronautics, rail ...) through novel approaches that provide technical and / or economic advantages over the competition.

To maintain the technological leadership, DGH is on a continuous process of creating and managing various innovation networks that are arranged with different partners (suppliers of machinery, technology centers, etc.) with signed cooperation agreements in order to form consortia or groups of jobs that allow targeted attack optimally and the most successfully the challenges that arise in different industrial sectors.

Relevant projects developed by DGH are:

  • Big fits windows and cockpit, Automation using 3d artificial vision systems for guided positioning on MERCEDES BENZ
  • Robotic installation of sizing and assembling windscreen with 3d artificial vision guided positioning on RENAULT.
  • 3D Artificial Vision Instalation for Control of Engine Valve assembly for DEUZT Diter.
  • Robotic cell for glue application in car barons with 3d artificial vision systems guiding positioning in RENAULT.

Assembling rivkles by guided robot with artificial vision on WELDING DPT. RENAULT