Fundación TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION (www.tecnalia.com) is a private, non-profit, research organisation resulting from the merger (1st January 2011) of eight research centers. TECNALIA is the leading private research and technology organization in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe, employing 1,415 people (200 Ph.D) and with an income of 102 Million € in 2013. TECNALIA is an equal opportunity employer: 57.5% men and 42.5% women employees.

Role: Project Coordinator
Leader WP8
Contact Person:
Mildred Puerto Coy
mildred.puerto ( a ) tecnalia.com

In TECNALIA, we identify and develop business opportunities through applied research. Inspiring Business is our motto, meaning that we visualise ideas that generate value and provide creative technological solutions to produce real results.

TECNALIA operates in the following market sectors: Industry and Transport, ICT, Sustainable Development, Innovation Systems and Health and Quality of Life. TECNALIA was very active in FP7, participating in 168 projects and coordinating 34 of them. TECNALIA has a strong market orientation aiming at achieving the major impact in economic terms, through the innovation and the technological development.

TECNALIA is a founding member of euRobotics aisbl (association established to be the private part of the Robotics PPP in H2020) represented by Jon Agirre Ibarbia at their Board of Directors and takes part among others in EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association), in European Technological Platform in Manufacturing (Manufacture) at their High Level Group, coordinating the multi-annual work plan for the "Factories of the Future" PPP.

The Robotics Group with the Advanced Manufacturing business unit (part of the Industry and Transport Division) develops advanced technologies in the areas of mechatronics design, control, manipulation, autonomous navigation, perception and learning. It focuses in 3 business areas: (i) Prototyping and control of new robots: anthropomorphic, parallel kinematics, cable robots, mobile, underwater, etc. (ii) Professional service automation: autonomous navigation, augmented reality, metrology, part inspection (iii) Modern automation: sensor based guiding, easier to program robots for SMEs, collaborative robotics, bin picking, bi-manual robot assembly, etc. In recent years TECNALIA has centred a significant part of its work on the development of production systems and technologies for the aeronautic sector, including high capacity in robotics development, regarding both hardware and software with applications like crawlers, mobile platforms, automated systems. TECNALIA was the winner of the Factories of the Future award at the European Strategic Manufacturing Awards 2012, where TECNALIA has presented the implementation of a bi-manual robot pre-installing rivets on real A380 flaps part. Airbus and Kawada have collaborated in this application.